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Our School


Edison School is a family of educators, students. parents, and community members.  We cherish our diversity, promote a safe environment, develop contributing citizens, and inspire self-motivated lifelong learners.

Message from the Principal

Edison Elementary School takes pride in its history, diversity, and record of academic achievement. Located near downtown Appleton and Lawrence University, Edison provides outstanding programming to meet the needs of its students.

In addition to the curriculum provided through the regular classroom, support services for those students identified as Talented and Gifted, Learning Disabled, Cognitively Disabled, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Emotional Behavioral Disabilities, and/or an English Language Learner are available. Assistance is also provided in the area of reading with a full-time Reading Specialist and the United for Reading Success program.

Through the state's Achievement Gap Reduction (AGR) Program, we are able to have class sizes of approximately fifteen students at the kindergarten, first, second, and third grade levels.

The Edison staff is known for their enthusiasm, teaching excellence, and commitment to children. They provide a motivational environment for learning and hold high expectations for students to succeed. The staff, in partnership with the Edison Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), works to provide a variety of learning opportunities to expand and enrich the classroom.  

Co-curricular activities offered at Edison include Intramurals, Battle of the Books, Safety Patrol, Student Council, Primary Lunch Helpers, FLIP (foreign language), Peer Mediation, and Classroom Buddies.  

Edison also offers family involvement activities such as Greet Your Teacher, Parent Night, Funset Boulevard Night, Grandparents' Day, and vocal and instrumental concerts.

The belief that "it takes a community to raise a child" is acted upon at Edison. In addition to partnering with parents, Edison partners with individuals and organizations in the greater Appleton community. Partnerships with Lawrence University, the Hmong-American Partnership, Junior Achievement, local service clubs, and government agencies have helped the Edison staff to better meet the needs of each student.  

Edison School also gives back to the greater community through outreach efforts with Riverside Cemetery, food drives for the needy, writing letters to members of the US armed forces, and other community service projects.

The Edison family takes great pride in our school, working together to offer a learning environment "where every student shines". 

Kathryn Schmeltzer

What is your School's nickname?

Edison Chargers

What is the enrollment at Edison Elementary?

300 Early Childhood through Grade 6 students